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Physics Today is the flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics (AIP), and has been published for more than 65 years. If you are currently a member of an AIP member society, your benefits package includes a non-deductible subscription to Physics Today. To join an AIP member society, click here.

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Bringing you the authoritative voices of the world's leading physical scientists.

Most of us struggle to stay abreast of the research in our areas of expertise, not to mention all the new developments beyond them. Thanks to the feature articles and news stories in Physics Today, you can learn about what scientists and engineers are doing in all the fields of physical science, including your own. You can't possibly read every paper in every journal, but you can stay in touch with your peers and all the exciting developments in other areas of science through Physics Today.

Physics Today covers the gamut of physical science. In our pages you'll find authoritative, accessible articles on topics that range from tiny quarks to the immensity of the universe.

Richard Fitzgerald
Editor in Chief